Wooden Baby Toy Guide 

Bells, whistles, flashing lights and singing songs that what toys are made of or at least in today’s day in age. Interactive toys that can do just about anything short of trying a toddler’s shoe, but let’s be honest their life expectancy is short. Toys seem to have an extra short life span in our house, some heavy wear and tear by my toddler is putting it nicely. My little lamb loves any toy that will sing, however, when we go visit her great grandmother’s house, she has just as much fun with wooden non-interactive toys and sometimes they holds her attention longer. Something even more special is little lamb gets to play with the same toys my mom use to play with, and they are still in excellent condition. The secret is…. they are wooden! Wooden baby toys are timeless and worth the investment.

Wooden Toy Guide-A timeless and perfect toy for a little one.


1.Dog pull toy | 2. Rainbow | 3. Alphabet Blocks | 4. Balancing Tree | 5. Xylophone 

6. Bamboo Whale | 7. Bowling Game | 8. Play Food | 9. Airplane | 10. Bunny Push Pal


Tell me you didn’t just all in love with each one of those toys! They are a precious gift for any boy or girl that will probably last them a lifetime! So don’t feel bad about spending just a little more money on them or you can start whittling down some wood yourself. However, I probably wouldn’t get done carving a wooden toy till little lambs 18th birthday, but more than likely I would lose a finger before then!..anyway happy shopping!

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