The biggest design question I hear is how to decorate your home to reflect your style and not a local toy store when you have kids.

What’s the most common reaction you get when somebody walks through your door?

When a couple without kids walked in our home, this was their response. I always forget you are parents now, but the diapers under the TV console instead of DVDs were a dead giveaway.


I know your kids are your world but are you tired of your home looking like a three-year-old decorates it?

We had bible study at our house recently, and everyone loved that we had a playroom to store everything kid related.

Despite having a playroom, the toys still manage to get scattered around the house, BUT it isn’t an issue because at the end of the day they can all be put away quickly.

After becoming parents, you eventually accept the fact your home and the majority of your old life will probably never be the same.

Adapting the spirit of an eagle scout will most likely guarantee your survival. There is no reason to fear the unexpected because you’re always one step ahead unless your sleep deprived then well, anything goes.

Following my design philosophy, your home will quickly convert from daddy daycare to regaining your homes integrity and style.

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To gain some inspiration browse through these 15 trendy ways to disguise toys in your living room.


An antique trunk can store a variety of toys without comprising your style.

Via Liliane Hart Interiors 

Interior Design

Interior Design Interior Design  Interior Design



How stylish and affordable are these patterned ottomans?

Via Margot Hartford

Interior Design Interior DesignInterior Design



This West London home is every kid’s dream house.  Hidden built-in storage plus a working desk is perfect for keeping toys out of sight.  The best part of this home is every room including the basement welcomes natural light.

Via Matt Architecture


Next DIY for my honey is this console table! Oversized baskets fit perfectly underneath with even a little room to spare.

Via Bungalow Design

Interior Design

Interior Design Interior Design     Interior Design



This stylish house is a product of traditional meeting modern and boy do we love the built-in storage and seating area.

Interior Design
Interior Design           Interior Design
There any so many eccentric details in this room you almost don’t notice the little kid’s table acting as storage.
Interior Design
                Interior Design           Interior Design
Three cheers for rope baskets, your most economical stylish option for saving your feet from a midnight encounter with left out legos.
Interior Design
This family-friendly living room is a parents dream. There are so many unique details in this redesigned living room, but the custom cabinets are our favorite!
This works as a side table or a TV console, and with the addition of some stylish baskets, it creates the perfect space for storing action figures big and small.
Interior Design
Interior Design Interior Design
 Another affordable fan favorite, cubbies. Ideal for storing books, movies and toys.
Interior Design
Interior Design Interior Design Interior Design
 Have any room behind your couch? I spy more space for storage.
How to keep Toys in Your Living Room
Have a two story home? Using the space underneath the stairs is an excellent way to use wasted space.
Clear the clutter for good with a beautiful built-in storage wall.
A stunning, quirky statement piece that would leave a lasting impression on every visitor.
This multipurpose room has a built-in window seat that can be utilized by all ages while storing a magnitude of toys underneath.
Now you don’t have any more excuses for having to compromise your style thanks to these living rooms that work for the whole family.
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