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Bronzer was the first makeup I ever wore, my face has never really tanned well. Arbonne Bronzer has gone through many packaging changes through the years, but the quality remains the same and the best bronzer in my book. I try to avoid the sun on my face as much as possible. Age spots, sun spots, more freckles I’ll pass!

I’ve been wearing Arbonne’s bronzer for the past ten years and I still think it’s the best bronzer on the market! To be honest, I only started wearing it in the beginning because my grandma sold Arbonne, so it was FO FREE!

best bronzer makeup

There were many times throughout the years I would forget it or lost it and buy drug store or department store bronzer, and it just does not compare!

It gives my whole face a touch of glow and is perfect for contouring your face and arms and collarbone!

Don’t you hate when someone’s foundation doesn’t match the rest of their body! Bronzer is great because you can dust a little on your face, your neck, and collarbone and looks like you spent the day in the sun! It’s so light and airy you don’t even know it’s on your face.

You know the phrase “you get what you pay for”…It’s true. This sucker comes in at $37 a pop, but will last forever and is made from all natural ingredients and has been since 1975. They were green and eco-friendly before it was a trend.

Your face is an investment. Treat it well and in 30 years it will repay you for all the money you spend on it when you look 10-20 years younger at 60! My grandma is a walking advertisement I swear her skin is softer than my ten-month-olds bottom!

It gets better if you sign up to sell Arbonne you receive 35% and I really mean you can just buy the product for yourself! OR you can sell it and make some extra money, get free jewelry, free Mercedes, and a free cruise if you are highly motivated and work hard. MY GRANDMA DID IT, SO CAN YOU! My grandma is a highly motivated and a hard worker though, throwing credit your way grams!

Embarrassing story alert! When my grandma received her free Mercedes through Arbonne. I was probably 9, and my cousins and sister were three years younger. Picture this.. 4 little girls in matching white sweatshirts and leggings in front of a conference of people doing the bang bang choo choo train come on Arbonne do your thing cheer. Probably top 5 most embarrassing moments of my life.

Anyways, you can become a preferred costumer  for 20 bucks and receive 20% for the entire year, this way you don’t have to sell the product, just buy it when you want.

Peace. Love. Bronzer

If your interested in being a consultant and receiving 35% as well as making an income please message me! I’d me happy to talk makeup with you all day or until my kids start crying for dinner!

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