My honey and I recently renewed our vows after almost two years! It was a chance for all our family members to come together to celebrate our love!! Nothing warms my heart more than having both of our families together!! I am beyond blessed to have such a supportive, faith-driven, loving family! I had a great idea for these lovely centerpieces!! The only problem was the day of I had two people go out to retrieve peaches and somehow they both came back without peaches.. nonetheless the show had to go on. I hated to waste a great idea, so now two months later I finally decided to make the centerpieces.


This centerpiece is so ridiculously easy and beautiful! Perfect for a wedding, summer dinner party or just because!!! (maybe a romantic dinner at home..bow chicka wow wow)

We went out to our farm, dug through the woodpile and found a tree limb that was about the size we wanted for the centerpieces.

Then I summoned my husband of many talents to cut the log about 3 inches thick.

  • I realize not everyone has wood piles stocked up in their background, so I found this wood slice on amazon.

I headed over to our local Sprouts to find some delicious peaches and picked up some flowers from Homeland!!

I simply  stacked the peaches on top of the wood and stuck in a couple of flowers… so simple, yet elegant!




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