My Honey, Lamb, & I

You probably shouldn’t start a blog, not everyone can write well. Is what an old roommate told me when I was first interested in starting a blog. So, I didn’t.

Maybe she was right; maybe I’m not the greatest writer, but fast forward several years and something miraculous happened. I had my first child, and know what having kids does to a woman; it empowers you.

I mean, I birthed two 9 pound babies, feel free to call me wonder woman, or feel extremely sorry for me. : )

The voices and rumors that once silenced my goals were set free by my new sense of empowerment, which was a huge for a quiet introvert like myself.

With my new sense of power, I learned an even more valuable lesson as a mother; I was powerless. Helpless to the danger and chaos that would surround my children as they entered a broken world.

My sweet babies also gave me the greatest gift, a deeper understanding of how much my God loved me and how much more he loved my children. His love for my family was greater and more powerful than the love I possessed for them.

So what’s this have to do with blogging? I’m glad you asked!

I originally started this blog as a way to document and share my DIY projects, recipes, and mommy ramblings.

Over the years it has become so much more. My hope for Honey, Lamb and I is that it captures the beauty of journey, through the messy, fun, and absolutely frustrating moments of motherhood.

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