www.honeylambandi.comHave you always loved design and decorating but have trouble executing your ideas because of lack of time or money? Or always wanted your home to look like a page out of a magazine but didn’t know where to start? Here at Honey, Lamb and I, we make decorating simple and cost effective to fit your current stage of life. We take the guess work out of decorating, give you the answers you’re too afraid to ask, so you can spend less time pulling your hair out and more time doing what you love.

After a long hiatus from the blogging world, I’m refocusing Honey, Lamb and I to capture what our life is like living a life that revolves around art.

My husband has one year left before graduating with his Master of Fine Arts, and though his area of study is focused on 3D and animation, we spend the rest of our time chasing our children and starting and eventually completing design projects around the clock.

The most exciting part of refocusing Honey, Lamb and I is our families newest venture: Room to Bloom.
So what is Room to Bloom?
A way for us to help celebrate and support foster families in our community. Room to Bloom offers a FREE kids room “makeover” to foster families. A small way to offer our love and support to local families.

Here at Honey, Lamb and I we also obsessed with all things DIY. You can follow along and get your fix of DIY as we create items for our Room to Bloom. Confession time, we also always have a slight case of baby fever so you can get your baby fix and friendly advice from reading Baby Babble.

What our readers love most about joining the Honey, Lamb, and I family is you don’t feel the pressure to accomplish flawless design. Together we understand that the beauty is in the journey and realize the finish line isn’t the goal but instead allowing your creativity and home evolve with you.

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I’m not a professional, needless to say, If my head ever starts getting too big you have permission to deflate it gently. We can be friends like that, can’t we? Helping each other wade through the trends we love along with the ones we love to hate.

Design has also helped my husband and I have strengthen our marriage through constantly working together and having to comprise on visions to create the perfect medium that represents us as a couple. Design is also how we use our passion and abilities to assist others in our community. You don’t have to be an expert on something to bless others around you.

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