30 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil


When you wrote something literally a year ago, and you’re just now publishing it.. it happens.

I briefly described lavender, one of the most popular essential oils in a previous post. I feel as though I didn’t give it enough justice, and I wanted to dig a little deeper into the versatile oil!

Many flowers can have strong, overbearing smells, but I find this is not the case for lavender. It is a natural soother and has calming agents, and, therefore, is used for help induce nights of sweet sleep people only dream about. Lavender is used for dietary, aromatic or topical use. Here is a list of 30 ways to use lavender, I tried not to be too redundant!

1. Burns. Somehow I frequently find myself burning my fingers while cooking, probably caused from being in a rush..imagine that. Just add 1 to 2 drops of lavender on effected area. Reapply throughout the day if needed.

2. Repels Moths. Place a couple of drops on a cotton ball and place in your closet.

3. Baby wipes. I often make little lamb baby wipes; I add 3/4 water, 1 Tbsp almond oil, 1 Tbsp coconut oil, and 6 drops of lavender.

4. Dryer sheets. Place a drop or two on your dryer sheet and then let your laundry tumble away.

5. Spritz on your pillow. Add 10 drops in 1 oz water bottle and spritz on your pillow before bed for a restful night sleep.

6. Baby sleep aid. Add a drop of lavender with a little bit of coconut oil and massage on your babies’ foot to sleep them sleep.

7. Stress. Inhale from the bottle or add a drop on your wrist and inhale to help relax.

8. Motion sickness. I have the worst motion sickness; it is a terrible curse! I add a drop on my neck and chest to help fight the nausea feeling.

9. Trash or diaper pail freshener. To make fresheners take 2 cups of baking soda and mix 10 tablespoons of water then add 2 teaspoons of lavender essential oil and let it harden in a mold. Place one in your trash to fight nasty smells!

10. Diaper rash. Add a drop of lavender to some coconut oil and rub on affected area.

11. Sunburn. Soothe your sunburn with a couple of drops of lavender or make lavender spray if your sunburn is too tender.

12. Detox bath. Add a couple of drops of oil in bath water in addition to your favorite detox bath.

13. Ringworm. Rub the oil on affect area daily until side effects reside.

14. Eczema. Add ten drops of oil to a spray bottle filled with distilled water and spray on problem areas.

15. Dry skin. Add a couple of drops of coconut or almond oil for a great moisturizer.

16. Cold sores. Dip a cotton swap in lavender and place on affect area.

17. Dandruff. Add 10 drops to 2 Tbsp of almond oil and let it set for an hour or overnight before washing out.

18. Massage oil. DIY massage oil and add a couple of drops of lavender for a soothing smell for ultimate relaxation.

19. Insect bites. Apply a drop to your insect bite to help relieve the itch or irritation.

20. Add drops of lavender to a cookie or frosting recipe!

21. Earache. Place a drop on your finger and rub the outside of your ear and work your way down your neck.

22. Sore throat. Add 5 drops to warm water and gargle as needed but do not swallow.

23. Baby fever.  Mix one drop with Tablespoon of carrier oil and apply to babies foot and bottom of spine.

24. Heart palpitations. Rub a drop on your palms and inhale.

25. Soap. DIY soap and add drops of lavender for a refreshing floral scent.

26. Tea. Add a drop to warm water with a spoonful of honey.

27. Mattress Freshener. Take a cup of baking soda and mix 10 drops of lavender. Shake the mixture on a mattress and leave for an hour before vacuuming.

28. Deodorant. Make deodorant and add several drops for a refreshing clean smell.

29. Dry eyes. Place a drop on your finger and rub on the bridge of your nose.

30. Tangled hair. Add a couple of drops of lavender to a teaspoon of your shampoo.

Essential Lavender Oil


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