Hey Y’all! Welcome to honey, lamb and I! My blog name originated from the song Oklahoma, and it just happened to describe my family perfectly! You know..

Oklahoma where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain,
And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet, When the wind
comes right behind the rain
Oklahoma, Every night MY HONEY, LAMB & I, sit alone and talk
and watch a hawk makin lazy circles in the sky

ya I’m that much of an Okie i burst into the state song.. anyways 

 I’ve created this blog to help bridge the distance between our families.  A fun way to keep the fam up to date on the happenings occurring in the Thomas household and give anyone else a front row seat to our life in the waving wheat state.

This blog is a combination of just a few of our passions in life: DIY, cooking, decorating inspiration and life as a first-time mom. I hope we will inspire you by some of the things we share or at least mildly entertained by our attempts to pursue a DIY lifestyle!

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