Fall is in the air.. well at least somewhere. In the lovely state of Oklahoma, it has been in mid 80’s but I’m not complaining. It has me wondering if it will actually be warm for Halloween this year. I feel like a cold front always blows in the week of Halloween forcing you to add layers to your costume..so annoying! I’m not going to lie I just realized that Halloween was next week that means I need to decide on little lamb’s costume and make some delicious Halloween treats. Better homes and gardens had so many great ideas for cupcakes including these spooky ghost cupcakes which are pretty easy to make! I had a ton of leftover fondant, so it made it even easier! Win Win!

I have a confession to make I ran out of cupcake liners, so I majorly greased the cupcake pan and hoped for the best… well they came out a disaster! They all got stuck to the bottom! However, I was not going to let that stop me from giving these cute cupcakes a test run. Here’s how it turned out..

Things you’ll need

12 Cupcakes
12 donut holes or large marshmallows work too
Black frosting or something for the eyes

1. I started out by making a dozen delicious vanilla cupcakes and some buttercream frosting
2. Pipe on an inch or two of frosting

Ghost cupcakes



3. Place a donut hole on top



4. Roll out your fondant into 4 inch circles

Ghost cupcakes

5. Gently place the fondant on top

6. Lastly, give your friendly or spooky ghost a face!

Friendly Ghost Cupcakes


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