I have had a looongg blog hiatus with somewhat of a good excuse. Life has been insane! Our family had a great holiday and brought in the year with a big a surprise! We are expecting baby number 2! The drama and excitement didn’t stop there.. My husband had just quit his job to go back to school. This meant a complete change of pace and lifestyle, but we had been preparing ourselves. However, we were not prepared for my hubby to get a TERRIBLE case of pancreatitis and land himself ten days in the hospital during his second week of grad school! So, to say we have busy is an understatement! I’m taking a break from proofreading my hubby’s papers and to create a nursery inspiration board!

Since baby number 2 is on its way it has given me more of an excuse to think about nursery design! I’ve been wanting to update little lambs room for awhile now. However, now we are contemplating on whether the babies will share a bedroom or transform our guest room/office into another nursery. Nevertheless, I created this cute gender neutral nursery that would also work great as a shared bedroom.

gender neutral nursery



1. Pendant Light | 2. Classic Crib | 3. Let Your Light Shine Print  | 4. Deer Print | 5. Table Lamp

6. Diaper Holder | 7. Drawer Dresser | 8. Retro Rocker | 9. Wooden Camera | 10. Crochet Bin

11. Elephant Head

Benjamine Moore color palette: White Wisp, White Water, Cool Mint

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