Shiplap Fireplace

New year new goals. This year I’m going to start making more time to blog. *fingers crossed* I didn’t have a chance to write about any of our home renovations last year. You know, chasing around two little mongols, helping my hubby with school assignments, and taking over my family’s business had me running around with my head chopped off. Hopefully, with a little time management I’ll have some time to document all the progress we’ve made in our new house.

We bought a house in September of last year… (2016) Upon moving in, we immediately started adding personal touches and updates, a little Thomas flair.  We started by painting all the walls.

First we painted the living room a pretty blue … then we installed a chandelier and two huge fans and that pretty blue turned pretty ugly so we opted for something more neutral and ended up with gray.

Of course, I had the bright idea of renting a paint sprayer because I thought we would get the walls painted in the lighting speed.

Note to self: There is no such thing as lighting speed when doing DIY projects.

The time it took to tape everything off and cover the carpet was easily equivalent to painting with a roller.  We had that house wrapped in plastic, but the as soon as the paint sprayer turned on it blew the taped down plastic every which way and paint got pretty much everything.

The power of a paint sprayer easily simulates hurricane wind speeds.

The hallway floors took the hardest hit. When you drop a spot of paint on wood floors, it’s relatively easy to scrape off, but when you use a professional paint sprayer that shoots paint a million miles an hour, and it gets on the floor, it doesn’t come off.


I finally found acetone nail polish and baby wipes did the trick. Baby wipes will seriously wipe anything clean which is slightly disturbing.

After we finally finished painting, we tackled the fireplace. The hideous fireplace. The focal point of the living room. There was no way we could leave all that brick. I knew I wanted to incorporate shiplap and marble, but I also knew I wanted to spend the least amount of money as possible!

We framed the opening of the fireplace with marble, and for the bench we opted for a cheaper option and found some gray tile on sale. The only thing we have left to do is add crown molding on the top, but we absolutely love the almost finished product! It brightens up the room and adds so much warmth!


Before | 1980s Brick Fireplace

shiplap fireplace



AFTER | DIY Shiplap Dream

shiplap fireplace

shiplap fireplace



Wood – we used 1/4 inch Plywood from Lowes (cost $15)
Liquid nails
Tile Spacers – nickels!

The nice people at Lowes cut the plywood into 6-inch strips for us which made our job so much easier!

First, we applied liquid nails to the back for the plywood and then stuck it on the brick and used nickels to space the wood apart.

After popping the nasty black and gold metal frame off the fireplace and we sprayed the frame with a white high heat spray paint.

Thirdly, we framed the outside of the fireplace with marble tile for only $4.98 square foot and applied it with extra adhesive tile and stone mortar. We rented a tile saw from Home Depot; you can rent one for 4 hours or the day. The marble we used was extremely thick, so working slowly and ever so delicately while using force is somewhat of an art. Good thing my husbands an artist…

Overall, it was a relatively easy fun project and makes a huge difference.

Has anyone else done a fireplace makeover before? I’d love to see it, leave your link in the comments!

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