5 Fall Fashion Trends for all body types

I’m no fashionista just a girl who loves to shop; being “well-endowed” in the front and back trends and blouses seem to look best on body types opposite of mine. However, there are some awesome trends this fall I love that any body type can rock with confidence!!!

1. Metallic – Who doesn’t have a love for all things shiny!? The inner child in us is fascinated and mesmerized by the radiant glow it gives. Ok, maybe I’m a little dramatic, but I do think metallic anything is a great way to add some subtle attention to your outfit. I’m talking some metallic nails, purse, or belt, maybe even a skirt not head-to-toe tin man style like this… sorry runway I see what you’re doing getting your point across, but you’re doing it wrong… and scaring the children. 


try this

Metallic skirt

Target has this metallic purse for a great price, it’s a perfect metallic accessory.

Metallic purse

2.The oversized sweater– I’m so glad you decided to join us again this fall oversized sweater; you are comfy and hide my love handles, and you’re welcome in my closet anytime. Everything about this girl’s outfit is spot on! The color! The bag! The scarf! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Oversized sweater


Check out her blog to find where she bought her outfit!

3. Fur vest-The fur vest has reemerged and hopefully I’ll get to add one to my closet this year! They just look so comfy, and it can add so much to a plain long sleeve shirt. I also love them paired with a plaid shirt or striped shirt, so fun! She pairs a fur vest with plaid so well!

 Fur vest


4. Large turtle neck– Ok, so to be honest I haven’t worn a turtleneck probably since I was five. Except for this gorgeous plum oversized turtleneck dress, which I recently cut up to make little lamb a skirt out of…it was too small for me, so I had to part with it. Oh Olivia, why do you always look so good and always have your face in your phone. 

Oversized sweater

Here’s a great oversized turtleneck sweater for only $33 at forever21

oversized turtle neck

5.Robe coat– Can we make the assumption that this fall is all about being comfy and looking great? We are talking about a robe you can wear in public people.. how great is this! Why yes I’m wearing a robe; no I’m not at the spa and no I’m not Hugh Hefner.  This coat looks beyond comfy and has a great geometric pattern!

Robe coat

Fall fashion

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