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Spring break was last week, and the struggle is always SO real when we have time off. Of course, our first thought is to get the heck out of dodge and take a short trip. Two days later we talk ourselves out of it and start on a new DIY project.

I live for DIY projects, BUT I suffer from a serious condition known as impossible to finish-the-project-I-started-itis.

It drives my husband insane.

I know he loves me because knowing I’m not finished with a project he will help me start a new one. Or maybe he just enables me..

So over spring break, my hubby started on our patio extension and while he did that…

I picked up and paint roller and started painting the exterior the house… opps..

It looks so good! The brick a white wash look, but of course, only partially finished.

Guys, it gets worse. Those were two unfinished projects. THEN I started retexturing and painting the kid’s rooms!…

My son and hubby are sleeping in the playroom, and my daughter is in our room while their rooms were under construction.

So somehow we are going to finish everything before we have everyone over for Easter… right?

Here’s the only DIY I finished this week. I had gold triangles on little lambs wall, but now I’m going in a different direction with her room. So, I decided to put them on her dresser!

This was the original look I wanted for the dresser. I tried to tape it off and spray paint triangles, but it was an epic fail.

It took two years and two pregnancies to finish this simple dresser DIY. Finally finished and I love it! Vinyl triangles for an easy DIY win.

A DIY Dresser Makeover Anyone Can Do

Update: BIG SURPRISE..  3/4 of the exterior house is painted,  the kids rooms are retextured (the accent wall at least) and painted, the patio is still only half done.

What’s the easiest DIY you’ve ever done?

Honey, Lamb and I

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