Royal, midnight and navy blues have been wildly popular in the past several years but this year stepping away from those dreamy hues and embracing more exotic shades of green.

Spaded spruce was named one of Patone’s 2017 fall colors and oh is it so dreamy and lush.  It is a beautiful cross between teal and jade and perfect for those who aren’t ready to give up their blue hues.

Greenery was named Pantones color of the year, and one look at it will take you back to going on your first date in your dads 70s green Volkswagon van or have you dreaming of pea soup. I can’t seem to jump on that soul train, but I am stepping away from my signature spectrum of blues.  Dark green is the perfect way to meet in the middle.  If your ready to step up your color game but having a hard time imaging how to incorporate dark green here’s some inspiration.

Check out contemporary ways you can incorporate dark green without turning your home into the emerald city.


I’m not going to lie this tufted couch had me green with envy!  You can find this green dream at Article for a cool $2199.

Can’t afford a $2199 couch? Neither can I, check out these more affordable couches. Interior Design

Interior Design     Interior Design


These dark green kitchen cabinets are everything! This green island is having a hard time being the center of attention with the architectural design of the built in wine storage and the patterned floor.  This kitchen had a modern, cottage and rustic feel all in one.

This shade of green is absolute perfection. This front door makes a statement to any whoever may passerby, and detail and grandness of the door make it a perfect candidate for the exotic green hue. The contrast of the natural color of the shingles goes with this front door like peanut butter and jelly.


This gutsy move was flawlessly executed. As if incorporating shades of green wasn’t hard enough Sheldon Harte, an interior designer in Laguna Beach, created a serene patio that flows into the natural background of the outdoors.

Interior Design

Interior DesignInterior Design Interior Design


No need to click your heels you’re already home, but no doubt the emerald city envies your living room. This watercolor wall paper is a trendy way to create an accent wall without having to commit to a solid color.


Still having trouble letting go of the comfort of a dark blue hue, add a green velvet couch with a blue accent wall. Bravo Studio Mcgee, your designs are beautiful as always.


This hue has the perfect amount of blue to put it on the subtle calm spectrum of green but paired with the leather headboard is what had me going crazy over this shade.

Interior Design

Interior Design


I bet you thought you couldn’t use green and still keep the farmhouse feel you crave.  Guess again girlfriend because this green bathroom would be the talk of any house party.


Looking to incorporate green into the rest of your farmhouse now as Studio Mcgee did in an adorable Denver Tudor. The pop of green on the cabinets is mint with the fresh look and feel to a standard white farmhouse kitchen.


There is so much going on with the bedding, and I love it! Let’s see, green, tufted, and velvet check, check, and check!


This Mid Century Modern bathroom designed by Design Shop Interiors is a breath of fresh air.  The green cabinets along with the natural light, clean lines make this bathroom pop.

This trend brings a whole new meaning to go green! Happy decorating!

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