Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Birthday season is upon us and don’t even get me started on the drama that follows. Does anyone else have family birthdays close to each other? Enough said. But let’s move on to fun stuff like a MINNIE MOUSE PARTY!

I forgot to post pictures of little lamb’s second birthday. Probably because I had just given birth to our son a few weeks before that, so I was in survival mode. Nevertheless, it was too great not to share the pictures.

Little lamb is now about to turn 3 in a couple of months and our little man is about to turn ONE in a few short weeks. OF COURSE, the fall the is always a hectic time. This week we are moving into our house after we paint and make a few improvements. (Be on the lookout for some DIY posts) The next week my husband starts graduate school and then starts teaching, little man turns one, and then a month later little lamb has her birthday. Then add some unexpected turn of events and a little chaos and that will sum the next two months. Bring it on!

Little Lamb woke up just in time for her minnie mouse party

minnie mouse birthday party

I’m afraid to say after this birthday was when she developed a love of “treats.”   Before that her encounters with any type of sugar were mainly nonexistent.  Now she wakes up almost every morning asking for donuts. UM NO.. ok maybe sometimes.. momma needs donuts


Minnie Mouse Rice Krispies and sugar cookies! Super easy to make and delish!

minnie mouse birthday


Don’t touch my cupcake MOM!

Minne mouse birthday party



minnie mouse birthday party

minnie mouse birthday partyminnie mouse birthday party

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

minnie mouse birthday party

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes

minnie mouse birthday party

Minnie Mouse and cupcakes made for one happy little girl!

minnie mouse birthday party

Pink and gold wedding

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, to tie the knot at least.  The warm summer air and saying I do as the sun set poses the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding setting. There are endless possibilities for centerpieces and color palates during the summer months. Variations of pink and gold wedding color palettes continue to grow in popularity and for good reason. The soft elegance of pink pairs perfectly with the boldness and timeless appearance of gold. This pink and gold wedding inspiration board is worth swooning over.

Pink and Gold Wedding

Photo Credits: Connie Whitlock Photography, Amy and Jordan Photography, Floral V Designs, Erin Schrad Photography, White Lilac Inc, Hair and Make Up by Steph 


This inspiration board is for us dreamers and those with some deep pockets! What’s not to love about these perfectly elegant pink and gold accessories surrounding this blush Maggie Sottero wedding dress. This romantic nontraditional wedding dress would make anyone blush from the beautifully beaded bodice to the shimmering gold Jimmy Choo.  Have your wedding guests in awe from the simple elegance of a pearl and rosette wedding cake. The bridesmaid can never outshine a bride, but they will still look absolutely stunning in an Ivy and Aster rosette bridesmaid dress.

Pink and Gold Wedding

Ivy & Aster Bridesmaid Dress | Camilla Christine Hair PieceMaggie Sottero Wedding Dress |  Ross-Simons Ring | Jimmy Choo Lottie Sandal Marchesa Gold Lily Clutch | Wedding Invitation 


If the previous inspiration board has your head in the clouds, this board offers gorgeous AFFORDABLE pink and gold accessories. OK, everything is affordable except for the Jimmy Choos, but they are just so perfect. I mean our feet deserve the best, right? I also love the preserved rose gold flower bouquet. A perfect keepsake that you can treasure forever.Pink and Gold Wedding

Custom Bridesmaid Dress | Invitation | Blush Earrings | Sequin Girls Dress |Jimmy Choo Lottie |Rose Gold Bridal Bouquet |

Rose Gold Ring 



pink and gold wedding

Mustache Party

Our little man turned 6 months, and I can’t decide which is more unbelievable my baby boy is already 6 months and crawling all over the place or that my little girl is 2.5! AH!

I will jump on any excuse to bake something sweet. For example, hey it’s Tuesday and 70 degrees in March this seems like something we should celebrate how about a cake? Well, this time, we actually did have something special to celebrate besides jus great weather!

It may be a slight extravagant for a 1/2 birthday but when life keeps throwing you curve balls sometimes it’s nice to slow down and celebrate milestones no matter how big or small!

Little man! Photo Caption Rock me mama like a wagon wheel!

Boy Mustache Party

Milk, chocolate cupcakes, and cream cheese frosting! A match made in sweet heaven!

Boy Mustache Party

I’m pretty sure he could pass as a one-year-old.  I think both of our kids inherited tall genes!

Boy Mustache Party


Boy Mustache Party

In case you were wondering they were delicious!

Boy Mustache Party

I loved the Mustache theme! It’s perfect for a birthday, half-birthday or baby shower! So fun!

Little Lamb’s First Birthday



Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.35.40 PM

Well, I think it’s safe to say we are fully recuperated from little lamb’s first birthday last week. I am normally incapable of taking a nap but as soon as everyone left little lamb and I hit the hay! We had her party at 12:00 which is a little risky since it’s so close to nap time, but that was so only time that worked for everyone. Little lamb woke up Saturday morning in the bests of moods screaming and laughing while running around the house. She was absolutely enamored by all the decorations and balloons. Mommy was a little too busy getting everything set up and forgot to try to get her to take a nap…oops. Thank goodness as soon as everyone started arriving she got a second wind. She’s not really a napper either and often recharges herself several times for actually falling asleep.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.30.43 PM

For lunch, my honey fried some chicken for honey butter chicken biscuits. Can I just say it was the best-fried chicken ever! A good southern woman knows how to fry a chicken, but a smart southern woman teaches her husband. Can I get an amen!

Little Lamb’s birthday theme was rhinestone cowgirl, and she rocked it just without her boots on.. they were a little hard to walk in. I made her an awesome lopsided cowgirl cake; it was my second attempt with fondant. My first attempt was for our gender reveal cake and let me just say it was a disaster! Thankfully, this one turned out soooooooo much better! I also made some caramel corn, cupcake smash cake and rice crispy cowboy boots. I have a serious sweet tooth..and hopefully not another cavity. Her interaction with her smash cake was not as dramatic was I thought it would be. Little lamb is one spunky, rambunctious, little thing so I thought she would dive head first in that cake. Instead, she was so dainty and picked at the frosting, and then stuffed a huge piece of cake in her mouth and slightly then choked. This was her first time having sugar, and I can say with confidence she also has a sweet tooth. I realized this the day before when she was licking powdered sugar off the kitchen floor… I couldn’t help but laugh because that is something her daddy would have done as a child .. DSC04609


My honey also made this table for the party and to replace our old kitchen table, I love it!


I think her favorite part was trying to touch the lit candle!


It was such a fun day! We are beyond thankful for such a happy, healthy, funny baby girl!





Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.11.40 PM