How to improve your SEO by speeding up your Website


Today size doesn’t matter, but speed does. That’s right. Today we’re talking about how to improve SEO by speeding up your website.

how to speed up website

If your website is slow, it means less traffic, bad SEO, and fewer views which especially means less money if you monetize your blog.

Website speed is how long it takes your site pages to load. This is SO SO SO important for SEO.  Several case studies agree.  One study exposed a 2-second delay in a loading transaction resulted in an 87% dropout rate. OUCH,  A more recent study showed that mobile pages that are 1 second faster saw a 27% increase in transaction rate. This further proves the importance of SEO and website speed.

I mentioned this in my previous post. Start by going to to test your websites current speed. Along with your blog speed it shows the areas that are slowing down your blog which will better help you improve SEO and speed.

Your goal should be less than one minute but don’t worry if you’re not even close

I’m going to name a few good ways you can optimize your blog’s speed.

1)    Update your plugins

  • Super easy way to help increase speed
  • I find updates so annoying, BUT their job is literally to make the plugin or app more efficient
  • Drawbacks are updates can implement change
    •    Backup your WordPress before updating all your plugins
    •    You can add the plugin BackWPup to do this
  • Get rid of unwanted or unnecessary plugins
  • Instead of having numerous plugins for SEO and analytics download an all in one plugin pack like Yoast.


  1. Pick a good theme
  • I mentioned this previously as well. A good theme is a smart investment because it is the framework for your brand.
  • Do your research if you’re settling for a free theme
    •   Free themes and paid ones can often have unnecessary coding resulting in slower website speed and increase the likelihood of getting hacked.
      • Research. Research. Research.

 3.  SEO Optimization for picture and drafts

No matter what plugins or security you download to control spam, you will likely run into some spam along the way. No worries.  This next plugin will optimize your site while deleting spam comments and drafts or revisions you’ve made on post and pages.

Every time you make a change, it creates a draft. Those drafts add up and slowww down your site.

  • Add the WP-Optimize to the dirty work and clean everything up. Remember always backup your dashboard just in case.
    •   Press PROCESS
    • Top left will show you what it deleted (now this is my kind of cleaning!)

-Optimize pictures

of course, for everything, there is a nifty plugin

*Sidenote some people say that you lose some picture quality. Honestly, I haven’t personally heard anyone complain about it, but you can research other optimizing plugins if you’re worried about it.

-add the ewww imagine optimizer plugin
settings<ewww optimizer

-make sure your screen looks like this

improve SEO

go to your dashboard media<bulk optimize<start optimizing sit back and relax

improve SEO

you can see on the right-hand side by optimizing it reduced it by 72.1% woohoo

another plugin you can try is lazy load
-Instead of loading all your pictures at once it loads it as the reader scrolls down the page

4. Use a CDN

So what is a CDN? It’s a content delivery network. Which means.. it helps globally distribute your network at a higher speed.

Of course, there are several. I recommend CloudFare because they have a free version that works efficiently.

Essentially a CDN will help improve SEO while improving your blog’s speed which Google notices and rewards you for with higher rankings.

In google analytics, I noticed I had many views from all over the world, which is so cool! BUT the farther your viewers are away from you, the longer it’s going to take for your page to load.

This is where CloudFlare saves the day and places your blog in their “cloud” making it faster for people to retrieve it.

-Go to CloudFlare
-Sign up its free
-Add your website
-update your name servers to your current host
Honestly, it’s a little confusing, and I’ll eventually make a tutorial because it took me a little long to figure out. In reality, it’s pretty simple.

These are just a few ways to improve SEO and your websites speed. There are much more little tweaks and tricks that you can implement, but I find these to be the most useful!

Be on the lookout for my next post on the importance of keywords to help further improve SEO.

SEO for beginners


5 Tips to Improve SEO

I have spent endless hours/days/months researching effective ways to improve SEO. There are multiple ways to improve your blogs SEO, so I’ve decided to share a few.

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What is SEO? I thought creating a blog would be the hardest part; boy was I wrong. Three little letters became my worst nightmare. I have multiple website including business websites.

Competitors are literally paying thousands of dollars to be relevant on google. You don’t want to do that. NOPE. You’re smart. You don’t need to throw your hard earned money at Google. You just to need to drop a massive knowledge bomb. That’s what we are going to do! BOOM

What is SEO?
SEO: Search engine Optimization-Basically it’s the process of improving your websites rankings on search engines without paying.

1. Google Analytics
Hopefully, this is one of the first things you set up after creating your blog.

If you haven’t. GO. NOW.

Google Analytics:
-Tells you how many views you have a day, month, week
-Let’s you know where they are coming from and what country they live in!
-Tells you what are your most popular posts.
-This is a way for you to keep track of your progress and better connect with your visitors.

2. Search engines

There are so many search engines….they will tremendously improve your SEO ranking.
Google. Bing. Yahoo. Ask. AOL Search. Wow. WebCrawler. MyWebSearch

Just to name a few

If can be overwhelming and personally I think Google is the most important one and for obvious reasons. Statistically, speaking about 70% of people do their searching on google.

Let’s be honest, how many times do we say, google it, a day.

Google does a great job of ranking keywords and their relevance for its front page.
-You want that front page! You want it bad. You want to be Google’s “bae”
-Yes I used quotes I’m a proud child of the 90s bae will never replace BFF

-90% of Googlers find what they are looking for on the first page
-Here’s some slightly discouraging news there is no particular strategy that will get you on the first page unless you happen to know one of the creators who created googles ranking algorithm. If you know them HOLLA AT YO GIRL.

-Some methods can help you, YES! BUT don’t go wasting hundreds of dollars on people claiming they have unlocked ultimate one of a kind SEO secrets.

Keywords are a great way to be search engine friendly.
-Sign up for Google Adsense and use Google Keywords. It’s a great, fast, easy way to track and create keywords.  It will also tell you the popularity of your keywords!

3. Social media
So important. It lets you connect with other bloggers and lets non-bloggers know you exist.

So why does it matter for SEO? Good question. Your presence and popularity on social media improves SEO rankings. I would say these are the most important social media aspects to focus on.
1.Google +
2. Pinterest Repins
3. Facebook shares/likes/comments

Social media is like running into to Google at a party.  Google notices and says “Hey girl, I see you,”

4. Website structure and Speed
I think sometimes this is an aspect of SEO that can be overlooked, but really it’s probably one of the most important.
Your website needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. Period.
-The importance of choosing a good theme could easily be an another post.
Your website/blog represents you (your brand) and if your theme is too overbearing or cluttered your audience will quickly vanish unless they absolutely love you. Then props. I wish I was you.
-If you have a large budget shop around for a theme that really represents you or meet with a graphic designer to help create something original.


I am impatient. Most people are impatient. Research shows that if it takes more than 2 seconds to load your website, your audience will probably leave. Therefore, your goal is for your website to load in less than a second. I definitely have room for improvement here.

Most of all, remember to make realistic goals. As you gain confidence in your SEO master skills, you will raise your goals getting closer to that less than one second loading time.

To test your website speed you can go to

There are several ways to improve your site speed, click HERE to find out!

5. Backlinks

If you’re new to blogging you might be wondering what in the world are backlinks and trust me, I’ve been there sister. Google is like the friend everyone wants to a have, but to get into the popular group you have to prove yourself. Ugh, google is such a mean girl.

Backlinks help Google decipher/navigate through your website before it lets you into it’s Google clique. If you haven’t learned by now, blogging success has lots to do with networking.

Let’s be honest, this is not my strong suit, I have trust issues just like Google.

Finally, find blogs and websites in your niche that would be good candidates for you to add your links and then network. Creating great blog posts will not only help you gain followers, but also increase the likelihood of people featuring your link on their website.


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I got my awesome stock photo HERE.. Isn’t just lovely!

Free social media icons

10 Free Watercolor Social Media Icons

I’ve recently given my blog a much needed facelift. It’s a little embarrassing that it has taken me this long since my husband is a graphic designer. However, it’s always great to find free graphics, so I don’t have to bother him with a graphic “honey do” list. I came across some gorgeous FREE watercolor social media icons. There’s a resource list of 10 free watercolor social media icons if your blog is in need of some new pizazz.

1. Angie makes- She has some seriously awesome free graphics, including these awesome icons!

Free watercolor social media icons
Free watercolor social media icons

2. Curly Made

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3.Meghan Aileen

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