Like most design elements of the past centuries, the architectural design provided practical applications and solutions for their shortcomings. During medieval times the roofing did a poor job of keeping bugs and lack of a better term, nastiness, from falling through the roof. Nothing says rise and shine like waking up to rat droppings on your face.

Can you even imagine?

The hero of this story is the creation of the canopy bed. It protected you from well you know anything that the roof failed to.

As little girls, the canopy bed represents the sweet slumber of a beautiful princess while waiting for her knight and shining armor to arrive.

While we still may be waiting for prince charming we love the canopy bed for the tall focal point it creates and the statement of luxury that it produces.

Swoon with me over these canopy beds as they steal center stage.

Every detail of this bedroom is absolute perfection!

  Via Elements of Style

A home in Highland Park, TX never disappoints.

Via Coats Homes

Refractive frame and brass accents are nothing short of feminine elegance. This bed can be all yours thanks to any girls guilty pleasure, Anthropologie.


Designer Benjamin Dhong for sure achieved his desired look of elegant tree house. Beautiful white liens and planked ceiling has be dreaming of a magical forrest.

Via/Designer Benjamin Dhong

The blue accents in this breath taking villa pay tribute to the crystal clear water and sky that engulfs the beautiful city of Athens.

Via Architectural Digest/ Designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada

This flowing canopy bed if the centerpiece to this magnificently built Javanese reclaimed wooden house.

via Iwan Sastrawiguna 

Patterns on patterns! Loving this fun and flirty design.


Want to achieve the look of luxury without the four post bed? Try a nontraditional canopy.

Via Elizabeth Dinkel

via C. Weaks Interiors Inc.

via McCroskey Interiors 

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