Breastfeeding checklistBreastfeeding checklist 

So you’ve decided to breastfeed, go ahead hug yourself (you’ll probably need it) or do a little dance because your giving your baby the greatest gift and guess what this gift is free!!


Breastfeeding seems to be so controversial for some people, and it doesn’t have to be. There is nothing wrong with choosing to give your baby formula; it’s still a good source of nutrition, but I would be lying if I said it was just as good. Nothing man made can be as good or healthy as what God has created.

Breastfeeding might be the hardest thing you will ever experience, and more than likely you will get frustrated along the way.
However, feeding your baby formula and wondering why they projectile vomits 15 times a day is also frustrating. Breastfed babies digest the majority of your milk and swallow less air than formula babies. Thus, making them spit up less on average; of course, every child is different.

My second child had a terrible time latching on. He would cry for 30 minutes before he would latch on or would get so tired from crying and just go to sleep without eating. He was 9 pounds at birth and ended up losing a pound the first month which meant we practically lived at the doctors office. I ended up exclusively pumping for the first four months, and it was exhausting. At four months old and by the grace of God he started latching on and I went and locked that pump in the closet! The pump and I needed some time apart!

Everyone always says stock up on burp rags, so I did. My first baby probably spit up seven times in the first six months of her life. I exclusively breastfeed her for the first 7.5 months, but man can that girl eat! She was still hungry after she had emptied me out, so I introduced formula as a supplement and boy did she not like it! It took several attempts before she started drinking even an ounce.

At one-year-old, I tried to give her only formula except when I breastfed her morning and night. She spit up more that month than the first year of her life and not to mention formula poop and pee smells terrible. Just my personal experience.
I’ve created a breastfeeding checklist of products I found to be amazing in helping me through the journey and blessing of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding checklist
Breastfeeding checklist

Breastfeeding Checklist

Mandela breast pump |  Nursing bra | Nursing cover | Milk storage bag | Coconut oil | Nursing pad | Sexy nursing bra

Vitamin E oil | Digital clock | Glider chair  | notebook | Boppy


*Vitamin E and coconut oil are both great for cracked nipples and dry skin for you and baby. Vitamin E oil is especially soothing for hemorrhoids. Don’t ask just take my word for it!

Breastfeeding checklist

Happy feeding!

Breastfeeding checklist

Breastfeeding checklist

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