Sleep Easy Knowing Your Baby Is Safe

As a parent your #1 concern if your child’s safety, period. Now be honest, how many times have you woken up your sweet sleeping baby by checking on them all hours of the night.

EVERY time I peek in the room every bone in foot will pop, or the wood floors will squeak. Immediately before you precious little one wakes up I drop to the floor and use my ninja secret service skills I never knew you had!  Sound familiar? Or Is that just me?

To cut down on hopefully the majority of your midnight check-ins on your little, it’s best to invest in a good baby monitor.

Do your research and find a good one. Let me tell you how annoying it is to hear constant static all night long.

Best baby monitor


It gets worse on nondigital monitors because you can pick up other people’s monitors in the neighborhood. NOTHING is more terrifying than your monitor picking up a baby mobile in the middle of the night. Then shaking your husband awake reminding him you don’t have a baby mobile that makes noise!

Many baby wireless baby monitors share a radio frequency with household products like phones, game consoles, laptops, bluetooth device. To avoid interference, opt for a digital enhanced cordless monitor.  Digital monitors are private so you won’t intercept voices or mobiles in the neighborhood.. soooo petrifying! And nobody will be able to hear your baby or you!

Here are the digital baby monitors that made the cut! Side note: the greatest thing I’ve signed up for since being a mom is amazon prime! If you don’t know what it is you may live under a rock, but no worries I didn’t know it existed either. You pay $99 to get free two-day shipping for a year. You’re pretty much just paying for fast shipping, for me, it was worth it! Shopping on Amazon is the equivalent of shopping at Target without carrying both crying kids around. I could spend hours looking at products during nap time!


Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor– $84.49

  • Rated highest on consumer reports
  • Best battery life
  • Best long range, great for large homes
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Finder future if monitor gets lost
  • Two-way talk!

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens– $167.97

  • Zoom in and out without effect picture quality
  • Two-way talk
  • Sound activated LED light
  • Remote pan/tilt
  • Night vision
  • Interchangeable Lens
  • Temperature monitoring!

I’ve only heard people say great things about both of these! If you have had problems using one of these I would love to know, or you have a baby monitor you like better!?

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