Pinterest is full of baby registry items that are so helpful for first-time moms!! Many items are practical and others not so much. In today’s world the media try’s to convince us that more is better, and it’s really hard to weed through all the latest baby gadgets and gizmos with irrational pregnant brain. (or maybe I’m the only one)


No, I guess my baby doesn’t need that instant formula maker if I’m breastfeeding… but it would be a cool kitchen accessory? Meh? With that being said, there were several products I thought were luxuries or unnecessary I soon found out were life savers!! As a first time mom I am no way an expert, but I do know the items that made life a little bit easier.


1.  Baby carrier-This was sooo helpful on days I needed to clean the house. Normally, by the time I got around to cleaning the house it had a nice stench… playing with baby>housework? Wins every time

  • I did a lot of research on baby carriers and  finally decided on the petunia pickle bottom ergo carrier! It has a newborn insert, and you can wear it on the front, back or side once your little one is older!!…. did I forget to mention it has an absolutely adorable pattern?   A guy from the habitat humanity restore once commented on how it was the prettiest one he’d ever seen…he obviously had good taste

2.  Swaddle Velcro wrap– It’s definitely not as fun as timing yourself wrapping your baby like human burrito BUT if you have a squirmy baby you’ll be thankful you’re not waking up every hour to re-swaddle them! HOLLA

3. Chew beads! What a great invention I thought was completely unnecessary, until I saw my little lamb had broken the necklace I had given her and beads went flying!! HELLO, CHOKING HAZARD!…epic mom fail

4.  Bottle warmer -Frozen or cold breast milk seems like to takes forever to heat when you have a screaming baby!!

  • I’ve read  great things about Dr. Browns deluxe bottle warmer! It’s moderately priced, and people seem to love it! I received a hand me down munchkin bottle warmer that worked great and was the third of the price. It worked great for me, but I used it sporadically.

5.  Bottle drying rack-We finally ended up buying a bottle rack and were so thankful in the end. It helps dry the bottles and accessories  better and keeps them out of the way! WIN WIN

6.  Wannanub– An expensive pacifier but so worth it!! It may be hard for your little to keep the pacifier in their tiny mouth! The stuffed animal works as an anchor to keep it from falling out as often! My 10 month old still uses it at night, mainly because she takes small pacifiers and tries to stick the whole thing in her mouth…overachiever In my personal opinion, I don’t think these items are absolutely necessary; however, you will never complain about having them!!

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