Why should you make your own baby food?

There are so many pros for making your baby food even though it may be time-consuming, but when all you want is the best for your child, it makes it all worth it.

So why make your own mushy goodness for your precious little baby?

1. It is the only way to know EXACTLY what ingredients your baby is digesting! Don’t be fooled by the ingredients on the back labeled apples and water…they forgot to mention starches (rice flour or corn modified starch) and citric acid, ascorbic acid, AND SUGAR

  • -I don’t know about your baby, but mine is full of infinite energy. no sugar necessary.
    -Sadly enough, they add the fillers to increase profit, not to benefit your child’s nutrition.

2. Commercial baby food cooks at extremely high temperatures that kill bacteria along with the nutrients your little one needs!

3. There is no way you can even compare the taste, smell, and color of real food puree

-Commercial baby food is dull in flavor, color and does not smell appetizing! Am I dramatic? Maybe? But you taste it!

Little lamb is not a fan of vegetables, and I don’t blame her! It doesn’t have the added sugar like commercial baby food to make it more appetizing! However, this is an easy fix, you can add applesauce or any sweet fruit to your baby’s vegetables.

Obviously, commercial baby food is not poison and provides nutrition to your baby, but without any doubt homemade baby food is superior.

baby food recipes

The baby food possibilities and combinations are endless but here a few of my favs
Carrots, mango, and peach
Pears and pees
Squash, Peach, and Applesauce
Avocado and Applesauce
Butternut Squash and Peaches
Green beans, Kale, and Pears
Beats, Pears, and Spinach

Baby food recipes

Making baby food is the easiest thing you will make in your kitchen! I use my Ninja blender, and it works amazingly. However, if you want something just for baby food try the baby bullet!

Beats, pears, and spinach Recipe
Lightly steaming your baby’s food is really the best way to keep all the nutrition in the fruits and vegetables!

1. Start by peeling your beets and pears
2. Dice them into small squares so they cook quickly
3. Place your diced beets, pears, and spinach in a pan and steam for about 5 minutes
4. After they are slightly soft throw them in your blender and blend away
5. Guess what you’re done!! I then pour them in ice cube trays
-each tray is about 2 Tablespoons
-Another alternative is baby food pouches… I mainly use these for traveling purposes

Happy baby food cooking!


baby food

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