Well, our anniversary trip was fast, fun and slightly a flop. Fall decided to makes its grand appearance that week which meant cooler temperatures occupied by a light rainy mist. Typically, this weather would be joyous and welcomed with open arms; however, since our little trip to the ballpark in Dallas was approaching it made me nervous. Sure enough the rain subsided by the time we got there and for 3rd innings before it started to pick back up again. So we did what any parent with a little one does at the ballpark… go to the humongous play center. Lily, being her father’s child, wasted no time and waddled herself over to the play center and watched all the kids play on the other side of the safety net. Poor little thing is a little too big for her britches, but I have no doubt she could have held her little own 11-month self in there… one day little lamb you can run wild through chic-fil-as play center. Well, the game was pretty much a bust but we did eat at the best Italian food restaurant in Fort Worth, arguably in Dallas. Before the start of the trip, my favorite Italian place was Ferraris: pricey, authentic, and delicious, but they have nothing on Tonys! Tonys was divine, affordable, family owned, and fresh! If you’re in the area its worth a stop, I ordered the clam and shrimp linguine, and I could easily eat it every day!


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